Here at Caramelized Chaos, you can still manage whatever life throws at you and eat yummy things. This site is to help you manage the chaos in your kitchen from meal planning to recipes.

Busy People Eating Well

With everything going on in your life, trying to eat well can be very difficult. But with the right tools, you can eat delicious food every day. If you’re like me eating can be complicated because you need to consider not just taste but allergies and your own personal health.

On this site, I share the tools and tricks that helped me go from eating prepackaged frozen food all the time to cooking for two every day.

Featured Posts

How to Make Homemade Pizza on a Weeknight

For years, I thought that homemade pizza could never rival that of a pizzeria because my oven can only get so hot. I was wrong.

How to Make Seasoned Chicken Breast in Under 10 Minutes

This simple seasoned chicken breast goes with whatever you are in the mood for a salad, wrap, rice, or just by itself.

Super Simple Broth Fondue Recipe for Anyone

This broth fondue recipe makes a wonderful meal. It’s healthy. It can be cheap. It makes for a fun and relaxing date night.

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