Weeknight Recipes

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Weeknights are hard. I’ve found having good recipes is important to making my weeknights easier. These recipes are some of the most important that I have because they are some of my most used. If I am what I eat, then I want to at least try to eat well. But I also want to enjoy what I eat. So, I try to get the most out of my weeknight recipes.

Fast and Focused

These recipes are generally ready to eat with in 45 minutes of my entering my kitchen. These keep me busy in the kitchen for the full cooking time. I’ll make them on my stove, oven, or panini press. Examples of these types of recipes are salmon, zoodles, burgers, and asparagus.

Zoodles with the Perfect Texture

Zoodles with the Perfect Texture

My recipe is the best way to cook zoodles for that al dente texture. They also hold on to sauce like spaghetti, which enhances the taste.

Simple Yellow Potatoes

Simple Yellow Potatoes

My husband and I absolutely love yellow potatoes. This recipe is the extremely simple way we make them every week.

Set It and Forget It

These are meals, sides, and entrées that I can start and then leave to cook on its own. These generally involve my rice cooker, crock pot, and instant pot. Examples of these types of recipes are shredded buffalo chicken and beef stew. These generally take more time, but not having to be in the kitchen can make up for that.


This list will only keep growing over time, so please keep checking back to find my newest recipes. Remember the larger and better your collection of weeknight recipes grows, the better you will eat. It’s totally worth it.